You wear sunglasses until they fall apart when you find the pair you love. You can maintain your sunglasses until they are worn out by making small adjustments as necessary. Before you start to learn about these tips, it is worth taking a look at the anatomy of your sunglasses. Consult a professional if you need to repair valuable frames. There may be a charge for adjustments made to sunglasses by an optical shop, or even a sunglass store. For those that are looking for an online store to get the eyewear replacement parts you need for sunglasses screws or nosepads, check out this website.

1. Tightening Screws

Sunglasses are equipped with small hinge screws that hold the temples and frame front together around the lens. These screws can also hold the nose pads in place. Screws can become loosening over time, especially after you fold and unfold the temples. A small screwdriver is necessary because of the size of these tiny screws. A magnifying lens might be useful. These are available in kits and can be purchased at any eyeglass shop or pharmacy.

2. Adjusting or replacing the nose pads

Some nose pads are screw-in, others slide in and some just snap in. It takes very little time to replace each type.


Remove the old nose pad and align it with the new one. Then, gently screw it back in using gentle pressure. It is important not to scratch the frames or lenses. When you take out your screw, make sure it is in a safe place!


Your thumb should be placed over the lens, with your thumb resting on the pad arm. Use a butter knife to gently lift the pad by sliding it between your thumb and the pad. Then twist the knife. Then, insert the new pad.


Simply slide the pad out, making sure that the pad is supported by the bridge, lens, and pad arm. Simply slide the new pad in!

3. Adjusting Arms (Temples).

Your sunglasses may be squished on your face because your temples and frame are not aligned. It’s possible to adjust the arms of your sunglasses, but it is much easier to do so with metal frames.

Plastic frames:

You will need to soften the plastic if you want to adjust the temples of a pair plastic frames. This means heating the plastic. You can find some home remedies, but these could permanently damage your frames. You should take them to your eye doctor. If you don’t feel like going to the doctor (which we would appreciate), then just get a new pair.

Metal frames:

These frames are easier than the plastic ones. All you need is a flat surface and a soft cloth. You can place a soft cloth over the frames, and clamp the pliers on the cloth at the point of the bend. Make small adjustments, one at a time, to reposition the temple. Lay your frames upside-down on a flat surface to check their alignment. You’re good if they lie flat. Keep trying to adjust if they move at all.

4. Cleaning

It is important to keep your shades looking great. We love polishing and cleaning our shades. It contains the essentials for sunglass cleaning. To avoid scratching your lenses, use a microfiber cloth to clean and dry them.