Driving too closely to the person in front is one reason why people have car crashes.

Sometimes there are other reasons for the occasional car crash too. Sometimes a car is trying to pass another car and the driver can’t quite get around them and so they crash into the other car or into a wall or a tree and so not only have they damaged their own vehicle but have damaged any other people in the cars behind them and so on.

What other kinds of crashes occur?

Sometimes children or even other objects fall out of the vehicles side and they are unable to get out and put their hand out of the window. The best you can do is to grab hold of them and guide them from out of the window. You should never put a child out in the road alone and particularly out in the road where there are motor vehicles around. It is always more dangerous for a child to be out in a road by themselves particularly with another car of children waiting to Form at the bottom of the hill at the promenade. They could seriously injure the other child or even themselves with a sharp edge.

When a car loses control, it sometimes crashes into buildings, trees or any other moving object. This not only damages the car but also other people in the nearby building. Unless you are very experienced with cars, you should only attempt to save other people if you are reasonably certain that you can do it safely. In some cases you may be near enough to the wreck to see if anyone is trapped inside the wreck. Sexually attracted burglars recently have targeted the`working areas`of cars, removing valuable parts and valuables. If you are alone and this happens, seek shelter in a safe structurels.

We have seen people`s carsislaid on the streets and rolled by the police in a parking lot. Sometimes the damage is minor and the car needs only minor repairs. Sometimes the car is completely totaled and is a total loss and will require the entire vehicle to be redone. Your insurance policy may cover the value of your vehicle if it is totaled. You`ll still have to make a complete payment to the bank however. totaled vehicles may have important safety features on them that will stay operational for some time.

How do you know if a car is totaled?

Well, there are several signs that may indicate the vehicle is beyond repair.Never ignore a car as it sits alone.These are some of the indicators that you have a totaled vehicle:

– Oil, brake and radiator fluids empty- The Vehicle Identification Number is missing- The tires are bald or have hole- Water, blue smoke or black smoke is from the exhaust- The title has no accident history- The frame, power steering, brake, clutch and wheels are not structurally sound- The Vehicle Identification Number is off- The tires are misaligned, worn beyond the legal limit and appear worn- The Vehicle Identification Number is not legible

Take your time and check each of these areas, as many times as it takes you will be able to tell whether or not the automobile is totaled. In most cases, if you pay your mechanic  on the established typical terms, he should be able to tell you, practically without emotion, how bad the situation is. In almost all cases, you`ll be able to purchase a Carfax vehicle history report, which will indicate the history of the car and detail everything pertaining to it, both before and after your purchase.

If you have any doubts about the report, call your local motor vehicle department and ask for  a copy. If the officers refuse, move on.

On a serious note and in an effort to be helpful to all of you out there in your search for a new vehicle, here are a few suggestions:

– Tell your friends and family about your decision to purchase a new car.

– Talk to your insurance agent about switching insurance companies.

– I know the phrase “buyer beware” is often the greeting at the convenience store, but, if you do not know who to call, ask for the name of the carrier (phone number on website, insurance company website or  phone number under the Airmments section).

– Ask the seller about the vehicle’s history, and ask for all maintenance records.

– Check the vehicle’s information past and present, including the VIN number, and all registration information.

– Find a pre-owned vehicle at the same price as a similar used car, but it may have an additional mark-up cost.