If you live in the United Kingdom and have a Virgin Media Box, it is possible that you tried to turn on BBC One or one of Virgin Media’s exclusive boxsets, but were faced with the Virgin error codes V53, “This channel is currently unavailable” or you are locked out of all your Virgin Media services.

This error code indicates that there is a Virgin outage in the area or that a channel is unavailable because of connection problems. If you see the error code V53 appear on your TV screen, the first thing to do is check your service status for your area. Our guide will further explore the Virgin error code “V53” to help you understand why Virgin Media TV is experiencing this problem and what you can do about it.

What does Virgin Media’s V53 stand for?

The Virgin error code V53 appears on your TV screen. This means that either the channel you’re trying to stream is not available due to a problem with the connection or Virgin Media services have been experiencing downtime due for planned maintenance.

This error code will be displayed on your TV as:

  • ! V53 This channel is currently unavailable

Virgin Media subscribers have reported that V53 error has prevented their Virgin Media internet services and subscribers from launching their Virgin boxes.

Virgin Media in my area

Virgin Media is available in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Sometimes, there will be an outage due to problems with Virgin Media’s servers. Virgin Media’s server went down causing the error code V53. Users can check to see if they are in the affected area.

Virgin Media account holders may check their area by:

  1. Logging in to the Virgin Media Mobile App
  2. Enter their postcode in the Virgin status

After you’ve entered your postcode in Virgin Media’s server status, a table will appear confirming whether there are any current issues with Virgin Media’s services.

  • No current issues = Green tick
  • Current Issue = Orange exclamation mark

Virgin Media is actively diagnosing problems. You can click on each option to read the full explanation and receive a timeframe for fixing it. You can opt in to ‘Issue Updates’ so that you can track your progress and be notified when your Magic City on demand box set is available.