A service dog is someone who helps you live happier and independently as well as having a positive effect on those around you. They are not pets or toys. They need to be trained for specific tasks the nature of which may not be obvious to the owner or perhaps even the dog. Many people feel the need to get a service dog to complete their lives a little more.

Some would consider getting a hearing dog because the person can’t hear properly anymore. Many people use other forms of service animals because they are trained in other areas and are just as capable. For instance service dogs trained in behavioral problems are often used in schools, hospitals, and Adult Children’s residences as well as other settings.

Training service dogs is not as rigorous or as complicated as for example Seeing Eye dogs or other types of guide dogs. Their effectiveness is based on the fact that they are trained to be alert and attentive to the person’s needs and then they show the specific person how to successfully handle the person in any given situation.

 Pete andisdom communicated with me as well as explained the specifics of how this process works. They said that service animals are trained for weeks and not months. They spend that time figuring out how to be cooperative with the person and how to provide the right messages to handle in the environment.

They said that once the service animal dog is trained, they are brought into a controlled environment where the specific behaviors can be evaluated. During this time, evaluation takes place with a trainer as the dog gets accustomed to the trainer, the programmed behaviors, and the environment.

Pete and Spirit were really impress with this system. They saw how quickly and how easilyadjusted the animal was to both the demands and the environment.

The dog evenasionally relieved itself in the safe areas of theonding environment. This was really aigo moment. This was like a breath of fresh air. This was exactly what we needed.

This was not the only time your pet has helped you. There are many incidences where unconsciously, but nevertheless, the dog has helped you in ways you will never imagine.

There are times when it has acted as an emotional bonding agent when you were out of town and your absence was felt. Or, when you were away for a long period of time and your dog sat all by himself the entire day with nothing to do… Well, guess what, he did.

There are many extraordinary stories of how pets have alleviated the pain and provisions of illness and rehabilitation. For instance, I have heard about a deaf woman who was confiding to a friend how her dog brought her much comfort when she was in bed. The dog comforted her and allowed her to think clearly and up front.

When another friend spoke about her difficulties and received no response, the dog comforted her by sounding her inhaler and ridding her of hertzions of stress. This was a situation that needed to be addressed and the dog did just that.

We have all heard of personally what the dog has done in similar circumstances. These situations gave insight into the true nature of our companion and how true the adage “dog is man’s best friend” truly is.