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Release Year: 2021
Video language: English
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing

You understand what it seems like following a decent night out? When you indulged the prior night be eating and drinking excessively?
That following day your stomach is all squeamish with those spasms on your lower midsection that gives you Goosebumps? You need to realize what truly helps for that?
You lay on your stomach and have somebody lick your butt. This is anyway an extremely terrible errand for the person who needs to do the licking in light of the fact that after such a night your poop chute is all rotten and gross. Also the individual licking is going to almost certainly taste somewhat something other than your butt sphincter.
Fortunately I’m one of the not many ladies who own a male slave who was naturally introduced to this world for the sole reason for guaranteeing my solace and delight regardless of whether it implies he needs to persevere through significant degrees of disagreeableness and languishing.

You will see a couple of times while he is licking my butt profoundly for me that I loosen up my poop chute totally so his tongue can acquire much more profound access into my butt. He referenced that he can really taste I need to go to the restroom and I revealed to him I can feel it.
In any case, since it felt great I chose not to get moving to the latrine but instead let him keep on eating my butt profound in light of the fact that it felt truly useful for ME at that point. Depend on it. I was very much aware he was tasting my loss back there on the grounds that I felt his tongue connected with it in my butt sphincter. I just didn’t mind since it felt incredible.
A couple of times he referenced the taste is getting truly dreadful and solid now and I simply answered I can feel the need is additionally getting extremely solid. Anyway I made him proceed in light of the fact that feeling his tongue continually testing into my loss back there felt screwing astonishing. It felt so great that I groaned in unadulterated joy.
In the long run the spasms and inclination got to extreme and I disclosed to him I need to take a crap in his mouth. For what reason would I walk right to the latrine while I have an ideal mouth not too far off by my poop chute?
Like any great latrine slave he put his totally open mouth overall quite close over my butt sphincter, prepared to acknowledge his terrible destiny for my pleasure.
These hungover poops are the BEST! I could feel my pieces of poop were truly thick yet with that dreadful warm velvety crap covering filling his mouth. Feeling him giving a valiant effort to keep up biting and gulping back there in ideal perspective on the camera just made my huge solid discharge that more pleasant. I pushed out different of those thick butt nuggets and the last two were truly delicate and smooth. I could feel him eating and gulping it from between my butt cheeks directly out of my ideal poop chute.

What really felt stunning is something that won’t ever occur. Part of the way through eating he began to upchuck my crap once again into my butt cheeks. Felt so warm and stunning. Particularly when he began eating the regurgitation poop between my butt cheeks. To ensure he gets the message that he WILL EAT ALL MY SHIT I crap some more for him to swallow alongside the regurgitation poop soup ooze. Causing him to endure so strongly is so exciting!It truly was a MASSIVE crap since I had exceptionally large dinners and loads of beverages the earlier day yet he in a real sense ate EVERYTHING for me. He is a particularly astonishing latrine slave!Make certain to look at all my other extreme and unusual clasps! xoxo

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