Eat, enjoy shit because you my toilet – Mistress Toilet Slavery




Release Year: 2021
Video language: English
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing

Feel my force, fill your latrine mouth with my crap. Eat, relish, cheer and appreciate, on the grounds that you are my latrine. You won’t just eat my poo, you will be my slave, my toy. You see these white undies, they’re all in poop, open your mouth, presently you will be as opposed to clothes washer. Attempt to suck, wash, with the goal that they become white and clean once more. Pick up the pace, you see I got my white socks grimy, presently you need wash them as well

1. Fill your latrine mouth with my crap

Come here latrine slave, lick my butt, she needs touch before she poos in your mouth. She has an amazement for you today, huge heap of poo and… what is it, underwear, my white undies. They’re shrouded in poop, however I realize you wash them in your mouth. What heavenly smell of poo, please begin eating my poo, fill your latrine mouth

2. Feet in crap with socks and no

Goodness, I need to poo so awful, I’m exploding. What help to take a decent crap. Presently we should play. I like play with my poo. What a warm, fragrant poo, overflows so agreeably between my toes. Look what I have. These are white socks and I will put them on and dunk them in the poo. Look how grimy my feet are, tacky, rotten. I will take these filthy socks off and put them in mail envelope and ship off you. At the point when you open envelope and get them, you will feel fragrance of Natalia Kapretti

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