Greenhouses are becoming more and more popular every day. Portable greenhouses are a wonderful cheaper option for gardeners and amateur gardeners. For centuries most of our cultivated food came from farms. For a couple of reasons, one is that they are closer to harvest time and the other is they are an easier to care for environment is something most have not thought about. However, this is changing.

The idea of wanting to move to an easier living lifestyle has become a reality for many. Living in a smaller space with your loved ones is what many have to think about. Soon you will be closer to your family, healthier, and with improved health care as a result of using a portable greenhouse.

Having a greenhouse is kind of like having a small farm. It is a way to create a very controlled environment which can be very beneficial to those who are relocate, or for those who are just planning to have a garden.

There are many benefits from owning a greenhouse. The first benefit is you can grow more plants in a smaller space. Even if you are limited to a small yard, you can grow vegetables and herbs. A lot of people want to be self-sufficient and will find growing their own food to be easier and more cost-effective.

For those who are environmentally conscious, a greenhouse allows you to have a controlled environment which will keep the weather and soil conditions to your advantage. It will also minimize the danger of pest infestations as well as accidents. If you are using plants that are toxic, you will have control over how much to feed and water before taking them out.

It will be easier for you to move into a larger greenhouse when you are ready for a major project. As your plants grow, you will find it more and more challenging to keep them in top shape because of the limited amount of space you have.

Let’s take a look at what to consider when choosing a greenhouse; the structure, the materials, the ventilation, and the lighting.

The structures for your portable greenhouse must be strong and well-built. There are basically two types of greenhouses: attached and free-standing. Attached greenhouses come in either lean-to or even-span. Free-standing greenhouses can be located on a level base or even resting on a wall, depending on your needs. The type and style of your greenhouse depends on the space you have available as well as the look you want to achieve.

You will find that cost is not the only thing you will need to consider when choosing a portable greenhouse. The materials you use and other accessories you need will be. Also, attention to the amount of sunlight your greenhouse gets during the day will help you in your selection.

Ventilation is also important and this is a major part of any greenhouse. You may use electricity or a gas line set up to flow air into the greenhouse. There are automatic ventilators also available. These can be connected with a timer to open and close the roof and walls as needed.

Another important accessory is a sealing system. Gaps must be sealed completely air tight. Seeds and plants will not thrive if air is allowed in. Linseed oil and other sealants are commonly used. The oil compounds the gas, preventing the escape of moisture, and the oil can be vacuumed into small bags and then sealed around the seeds and plants.

As you can see, choosing a portable greenhouse is a lot more than just the item itself. There are many factors to consider; the size, the style, the ventilation, and the lighting. But, with the proper planning, your portable greenhouse will have a place in your yard for plants as well as a place for people to enjoy. And, your harvest will be as great as your efforts.