Are you tired of all the software everywhere and want to get rid of the burden of all the licensing fees? There are some great alternatives out there that work real quickly and have a better interface and concept here.

This is an open source review of Avira AntiVir Personal from Tech- Songs. It is a quick and easy to use software which has received a handful of awards over the last couple of years. It is one of the first antiviruses to come out with a feature set that covers all internet threats, and it does a splendid job.

The concept is simple, its award-winning creators say, with this new offering: to give you the protection and safety of being online, without the busy feeling. You can use it in so many ways right from the web browser, to instant messengers, to email, to social networking sites etc., and the protection does not stop there. Other awards include best antivirus, best anti-spyware, best gaming, best anti- rootkit, best consumer collaboration software and best professional collaboration software. These represent some of the biggest threats to date that people face online, and the new product works its way in protecting against these threats.

Avira AntiVir is available for any PC, and those that have been deemed fit to use by a minimum of ten users. Once it is installed, this software protects the user from infection or data loss, and can also be configured to scan the drive at regular intervals. Among other features, you can also use it to protect folders or files that you upload, receive, download or delete. Moreover, if you can get some personal recommendations from the people and experts in this field, this software is bound to be the best amongst all.


It is a swift and Yet somehow sophisticated program that provides high protection, and remains at the same time incredibly simple. Probably the most celebrated feature of this program is that which allows even your emails, images, folders, and other information to be protected from deletion by making them invisible, and well on the secure side. This incredible ability of storing data in such a way has not only made it a sought after choice for all kinds of businesses and workers, but also by many users. It is easy to install and use, and at the same time, it remains completely inaccessible to those without an expert knowledge of the tech behind it. It has selection boxes to provide all the basic information about the user (the user’s IP address being used), as well as the ability to send pop up messages, block access to certain sites, as well as notify you with a blocker when some events are pending. If there is just something you want to do to protect your computer, you can also search for the file, just by typing the keywords in the search box, and it should show possible results that involve your interest.

You can choose from ideal scenarios such as flight simulators that are available depending on your chosen subject, games that can enhance and bring about the experience, and every other kind of downloading you might need. The only parts that one might worry about when getting into the downloading stages are pertaining to scalability, since the software has been created to be such that it can absorb whatever you throw at it. And even when these options are not available, it will still take care of the tens of Gb of data you will be getting from your hard drive. The fact that it only takes a matter of minutes to begin downloading the data is a multitude to the force of a powerful program, and when you figure in the price, a lot of people choose to get their downloads from the Windows 7 editions, since this is the latest addition to the family.