To my wife and children I wish that I had the freedom to celebrate a special occasion like no one else does nor do I have to answer to anyone about how I celebrate. I think this is an unfair thing to ask myself and I know this type of mentality is the reason I consistently get bit by economic illnesses.

Financial Freedom means being in control of your life. Not someone else controlling you, but you controlling your life, your own life. And what better way to control your life then by creating financial stability. In addition to financial freedom, getting into debt is counterproductive to your goal. As Checking account fees and credit card interest rates are rising to record levels almost week after week from the Federal Reserve. There is something that makes me so very conscious about my money and every time I go shopping I tier agame at my children.

When was the last time you were approached by a downtown visibility consultant about your money the way you use it? How much money do you save each month? How much would you like to save? If you look at some of the options for options in cash flow management there is some valuable information and Freedom Being The Key Word (for those who didn’t get this). Most of this information and Freedom Being The Key Word can be found for free, but I suppose if you have the internet you may find it easier to access some of the important financial tools and financial planning tools.

 720 pancuffs uncons processors god forex there can be a new way to get this information, it’s not hard to do at all. Now I am not trying to sell you anything at all, but let me ask you a simple question, do you want to be subject to the conditions your provider gives to you? This is where it starts to get interesting, now you are subjects to those conditions.

For starters, your provider is going to make most of the money because of you. Think about what you are paying each month just to hold your money in their bank accounts. Some providers charge their members excessive fee’s, as high as 10% per year. Next, many of the sites go along with the practice of withholding money from your paycheck to finance your lifestyle, and never tell you about the negative effect it may have on your ability to build financial stability now and in the future.

What can you do?

This is not designed to be a judgment about money, yet money is the number one cause of contention. Money is a major factor in every person’s lifestyle, because of this, I want to know your passion for building financial independence and freedom. Your answer is important because if you have seen the wrecks that all people who think they are financially independent are getting into, then it is time for you and I to step up and take a look at ourselves.

If you want to be able to enjoy financial independence and freedom you have to be honest about your -Let me give you a prime example. When I was younger, my wife and I were getting along just fine. But one day I went to her and said, “Why are you spending so much on jewelry, is it just a hobby or do you have a hobby that you’re spending more on than you should? ‘ She said, “I just had a hobby”. I said, “Well, if you have a hobby why are you spending so much money on jewelry? You said, “Well since I am in the fashion industry why do you think I buy so many little accessories just for myself.”

I was astounded and honored and although I didn’t go out and ask her questions directly I did ask her question, “How do you think I shop so much? Do I wear it because I think it looks good? Do you think I go shopping because I don’t want to be disappointed when I get the refund for the merchandise? Do you think I just go shopping everyday to feed my addiction? Maybe, but wouldn’t I be happier if I was buying something as opposed to dining out or going to the movies or shopping at the mall? I tried asking questions, but in reality I knew the answers. And the answer was simpler, I shop because I WANT to. Want to?”

Do you think I had this same mindset as a young man when I decided to go to school in the state of California? Probably not. But I did have priorities at that time and thought I was doing what was best for my life. The answers you give me will help you make decisions about your priorities as time passes by.