Everybody knows that a new puppy is a handful. Well, they are a lot of work, they take up a lot of space and they chew up a lot of things. That’s just the start of it.

Unless you are prepared to devote possibly years of your life to this band of misfits, you might want to consider crating them. Some people feel that crating is animal cruelty to the animal, but that’s not right either. If anything, the puppy becomes much more accustomed to the crate in the months after you bring them home.

It stands to reason that since dogs don’t like to eliminate where they sleep, they will become accustomed to using the crate at night, for a sleep. Now, during the day, they may have mistakes. It will depend a lot on your sense of humor and a lot on patience. But don’t give up. It may well be worth it.

So here are some quick tips for getting started.  The first thing to remember is that the crate should be kept open in the beginning, just large enough for them to turn around and lay down. Any larger and they will eliminate at one end and sleep in the other.

That’s right, crate your puppy for a few days or a week, but not too long. It will be like putting your newborn child into a crib, just setting them up. They may cry, but they will get over it. How bad it feels, is where the problem lies. If you go too long, they will remember their cries and it will continue to get harder to fix the problem.

Never use the crate as punishment. If your puppy has an accident, spank them with a newspaper. If they potty outside, then praise and reward them for going outside. Teach them the correct way to eliminate. Teaching them this way can really speed up the house training process.

You will need to have a sense of humor when dealing with your new puppy. They are pretty playful, so keep some treats on hand. You definitely don’t want to be out at the dog park with a 150 pound German Shepard puppy. That could get messy fast.

At first, you will need a crate for your puppy to sleep in. They can be taught, just like a baby, to use a crate. Giving them their own space to sleep, will help to cut down on accidents. If your puppy doesn’t have their own space, then it will be tempting to allow them to sleep in your bed with you. That is not the spot to be..

Stick to a routine. Dog’s are creatures of habit and will adjust to a schedule real quick. Schedule your puppies bedtime and wake up time, make sure you take them out to potty, every 2 hours. Have a set time for food and water. They will quickly learn the routine.

Stick to the schedule. Don’t lay off the food or water sometimes, to give them more time to adjust.

Successful house training depends on the routine you set up. If you don’t stick to it, then you may get more accidents. Remember it all depends on the comfort you feel your dog has, when they are in the crate with you..

Patience is essential. The results can vary, from a puppy that never gets potty trained, to a puppy that is trained perfectly in a few days. If you are patient, more so than with a puppy that is being potty trained, they will learn.

A crate is a tool, you must use it. After it has been used, your puppy will gladly go in it to sleep and relax.